1 on 1 with Reggie Perry

2018 5-star power forward Reggie Perry is a Mississippi State commit and the 6-9 do-it-all talent is a rising star. The Thomasville high school star is a point forward that is getting better with each game that he plays. He has great court vision, can work you in the post, can step outside and make you pay plus he is dynamic in transition. Perry is the 2nd rated prospect in the state of Georgia, 7th rated power forward and 29th rated player in the country for the class of 2018 by 247 sports. He is the 34th ranked prospect in the class of 2020 by NBA Draft Room but could be moving up the board.

I see a Perry as a mix between Draymond Green/Steve Smith/Scottie Pippen He is physical but can also play with finesse and has the all-around ability to make players around him better. He was under a lot of unfair judgement because he de-committed from Arkansas, in this interview we clear the air. He talks why he left Arkansas, What family means, and when he is deciding to go to the NBA.

Let's go 1 on 1

LJ: It was a great NCAA season with Villanova winning it all. What do you think of the tournament play and so many upsets? What does that say about NCAA basketball?

Reggie: I really enjoyed the NCAA basketball season. It really shows that there are a lot of great teams out there besides those that have been known as power houses. I love to see underdogs or those that have been overlooked come in and prove themselves. NCAA basketball shows that there is lot parity and you can’t count anyone out.

LJ: The NBA is having its transition of young stars like Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Greek Freak and more. What young star impresses you the most and why?

Reggie: Jayson Tatum impressed me a lot. He was able to step up his game up when the going got tough. He really showed up when his team needed him the most.

LJ: Do you feel you will be ready for the NBA after two years of college ball? Why?

Reggie: Actually, I think I may be ready for the NBA after my first year of college. The NBA game has changed to suit my style of play as it is becoming position-less. More importantly, I believe this because I will now have access to player development at Mississippi State. This is something that was not in place my small rural high school as many prep-school players may have. I have not even scratched the surface as to how great I can be.

LJ: You are ranked #34 on NBA Draft Room 2020 NBA draft class. I feel you are a lottery talent no question you have shown too much athleticism and basketball IQ at your size. What do you feel you offer to an NBA team?

Reggie: I appreciate that you think I am a lottery talent. I can only get better. Being coached by Coach Howland and his staff, my athleticism, my basketball IQ, my versatility, my rebounding, and defending will drastically improve after one year. I have never had access to the type of training or development that I will have while at MSU.

LJ: Your mom and your dad do a great job with you. Your mom is one tough cookie she doesn’t play about you. What have your parents taught you that have helped you to get here?

Reggie: LOL…you got that right. My parents have taught me so many things. My father has taught me the game, while my mom taught me how to define, assess and reassess my goals and skills, as well as pay attention to detail while having self-control and good sportsmanship. Between the two of them, staying humble while remaining hungry is always something they have instilled in me. Humble enough to understand that I can learn from anyone and hungry enough to always work hard and always look to improve as a player/individual. But the main thing my parents always remind me to give God all the glory in my life. He is the One that gave me my gifts and talents and it is my responsibility to make good of what He has given to me while being my best in Him.

LJ: It’s your floor. So much craziness has been said about your decision to switch from Arkansas to Mississippi State. Why did you choose to switch?

Reggie: I must say it was a tough decision to change because of the pressures that was coming my way. But in the end, after sitting down talking with my parents and brother and sister, I had to do what I believed was best for me. As long as those who loved me the most had my back, I couldn’t worry about what others thought. When I made my decision to commit to Arkansas I was 16 years old and never had the opportunity to assess other schools. My 11th grade year, my father had been battling some health issues that I don’t wish to go into because that is my family business. Experiencing things that a normal 16 or 17 years old would not normally experience made me see life differently and made me mature in other areas faster. That coupled with being very impressed with Coach Ben Howland’s track record. He has had several players at UCLA who ended up in the NBA that are still in the NBA (Kevin Love/Russell Westbrook/etc.). His track record, connecting with the coaches and players as well as wanting to honor my father influenced me to stand up and make the decision that I believed was best for me. This was something that I had to do.

LJ: You had 15 points and 7 rebounds in the McDonalds all-American game. I feel you let the world know who you were on a big stage. How did it feel to be chosen and play in the McDonalds all-American game?

Reggie: It felt great. Many years ago, I wrote down some goals that I looked at daily. Being able to achieve that goal and to share it with my family was the best feeling and I will never forget it.

LJ: If you had to choose what NBA team would you play for?

Reggie: Really, it would be a dream come true and an honor to play for any NBA team. However, if I had to choose one, I would say the San Antonio Spurs. I like the way they share the ball with one another.

LJ: What NBA player resembles your game the most? What NBA player do you want to play against the most?

Reggie: I get that question a lot. I would say, I am a mixture of several players in the NBA which once I perfect those areas, will make me undeniably dangerous. This is unique as I resemble, Jayson Tatum, Draymond Green, a little LeBron James and Kevin Durant. With the potential of continuing to grow as well as getting bigger, faster and stronger while working at Mississippi State, this will allow me to increase the effects of my versatility, scoring and defending, which makes me very dangerous. I respect LeBron James and what he has brought to the game of basketball. I look forward to the day of playing with or against him one day.

LJ: What about your game has improved the most?

Reggie: My Passing and defensive skills have improved the most. I have been working on my ability to see the floor and getting the pass to my teammates. I have also made it a point to work on my defensive skills by becoming more explosive with rebounding and blocking shots while working on my foot speed to get up and down the floor. The NBA is becoming a position-less game so I must be able to defend everyone.

LJ: Do you still talk to some of your former Arkansas teammates?

Reggie: Absolutely. I talk with them all the time. I have been with those guys since the 6th grade and we grew up together as brothers. Even though we share playing the same game and on the same team in common, we have so much more than that. We have built lifelong friendships with each other. Long after the basketball stops bouncing, we will still be friends/brothers.

LJ: What about your character will NBA teams like?

Reggie: I believe the NBA will like that I continue to get better. Every time I step out on the gym floor, they will see improvement. In addition, they will like that I won’t let anyone out work me. They will never have to worry about me not doing what I need to do to get better. My passion, my “Can Do” Attitude, poise and accountability, respect for the game and loyalty to the franchise will allow me to stand out in character.

LJ: Do you feel you could impact an NBA team right away? Do you feel you are a franchise player?

Reggie: Absolutely. Understanding my role and playing my role will allow me to impact any NBA team right now. My ability to be coachable will allow me to get better and more mature. This could lead to being a franchise player.

LJ: What AAU team do you play for now? What was your best game stats wise in AAU so far?

Reggie: My last team that I played with was the Arkansas Hawks and that was last summer. I never really kept up with my stats. I only focused on how I could better and how I could make my team better.

LJ: Congratulations on winning the championship at Thomasville. What were your averages this past season?

Reggie: I really don’t know what my averages were…. LOL. I was not able to play the kind of basketball that I played with my travel team. My role at my high school was do whatever the team needed at that time and allow my coach to coach me the way he needed to, in order to win a state championship. While this may have hurt me statistically or even my rankings, I know that when it is time for the team to rise to the top, everyone will see the real Reggie Perry.

LJ: A lot of prospects test the waters even if they go back to school. Will you test the NBA draft combine just to test the waters?

Reggie: I can’t make any promises however I know that I am planning to major in sports management at Mississippi State University and my goal is to be a “One and Done”. We will see what God has in store for me.

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1 on 1 With Chris Silva

Chris Silva is a 6-9 223 pound power forward who has just opted to return to school and play his senior season for the South Carolina University Gamecocks. He was a 3-star talent who was ranked #7 in New Jersey, #35 among power forwards, and #141 among prospects by 247 for the 2015 class.

He averaged 9.4 points 6.4 rebounds 1.8 blocks while shooting 56 percent from the field his sophomore season and was a prime time performer for the gamecocks in the 2017 NCAA tournament scoring in double figures in all five games, including a 17 point 10 rebound performance in an upset win over no.2 seed Duke Blue devils and a 13 point 9 rebound in an Elite Eight win over no.4 seed Florida.

In his junior season Silva averaged 14.3 ppg and 8 rebounds, while beginning to show an expanded range on his jumper.

Silva had declared for the NBA draft without an agent but will be returning to school for his senior season. L.J. talked to him about this decision and more.

Let's go 1 on 1

LJ: What made you test the NBA draft process?
Chris: Coach Martin and I sat down after the season and thought that it was good for me to try for the NBA.

LJ: Do you feel you are ready to contribute at the next level?
Chris: Yep I think I am ready!

LJ: Have you been invited to the combine?
Chris: Nope

LJ: You brought a high level of energy to the gamecocks. What do you bring to an NBA team?
Chris: Rebounding, high energy, Rim protection.

LJ: What made you want to pursue basketball as a career?
Chris: I just loved it and wanted to play against the best.

LJ: What about your character will a team like about you?
Chris: unselfish, ready to help and make everyone around me better.

LJ: Could you impact a team right away?
Chris: Yep with my competitive edge and hard work, yes!

LJ: Is there a chance you will return to South Carolina to continue playing?
Chris: Yes, if everything doesn't go the way I want I will return!

LJ: Power, Athleticism, and heart you have it and I wish you the best of luck. Very impressive player.
Chris: Thank you man same to you.

1 on 1 with Jontay Porter

Interview from last year that got lost in the shuffle. Here's L.J.s 1 on 1 with Jontay Porter:

Jontay Porter is a super gifted and silky smooth player who is currently ranked as the 16th ranked prospect in the 2018 NBA Draft by NBA Draft Room. At 6-10, 240 he is an explosion waiting to happen. He is as quick as they come for his size and is aggressive, with a smooth long range stroke. Jontay is also the brother of Michael Porter Jr., the no.2 ranked player by NBA Draft Room in the 2018 draft class.

Both Michael and Jontay de-committed from the Washington Huskies and both committed to Missouri. They come from a very basketball rich family with not only is his brother being a baller but sisters Bri and Cierra play for Missouri as well and his younger brother Coban is a talented 2020 prospect as a 6-3 170 guard. His mom, Lisa Porter scored 58.7 points a game as a senior in high school and shot 58.4 percent from the field as a freshman. His father, Michael Porter Sr. is an assistant coach for Missouri. Jontay comes from Nathan Hale high school by way of Seattle, WA. Due to the legacy of talent that the Porters have they are legendary in their community and Jontay is destined for stardom at the professional level.

I had a 1 on 1 with him last year before he committed to Missouri. NBA Draft Room was the only Mock draft that had him on 2018 NBA draft boards for a long time when he reclassified to the 2017 class to play with his brother Michael.

Let's go 1 on 1

LJ: Jontay whats going on my man how is school and how has this season went?

Jontay: This season has gone great. High school year we went undefeated and this summer I’ve seen a lot of success as well.

LJ: Crazy genes man just about everybody plays ball. Did your father play ball and what about your mom, is she an athlete too?

Jontay: Both my mom and dad played D1 basketball. It definitely runs in the family!

LJ: Its been a process what made you de-commit from Washington?

Jontay: The coaching change.

LJ: Is Missouri it or do other schools have a shot?

Jontay: Missouri

LJ: Is everybody competitive in your household and who is the best talent among you all?

Jontay: Everybody in the house is definitely competitive. We’re all talented in our own ways.

LJ: How did your parents influence your upbringing and how close are you and Michael? Are you two the same in anyway or night and day? Whats the difference?

Jontay: All the kids are super close to our parents. Michael and I are extremely close and similar in a lot of ways. We also have our differences though.

LJ: What does Jontay bring to a team and what is the strength of your game?

Jontay: I think I bring versatility to any team I’m on, both on offense and defense.

LJ: What do you feel you have to work on?

Jontay: I have to work on everything and get better in every aspect of my game to reach the goals I’ve set forth.

LJ: How is Seattle? I have heard things... what type of city is it?

Jontay: Seattle was a great experience for me and my family.

LJ: Great sitting down with you. You have a great family. Stay focused young leader.

Jontay: Thank you sir.

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1 on 1 with Alex Antetokounmpo

Some athletes have it and some are born with it. Alex Antetokounmpo is a 6-7 190 small forward with unlimited potential. The fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree in this family; he is the youngest brother of NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo aka "The Greek Freak". He has two other brothers, Thanis Antetokounmpo who was drafted by the New York Knicks in 2014 and is now back in Greece playing in the Euro League with club Panathinaikos (Thanis was recently named MVP of the Greek All-star game) and Kostas Antetokounmpo who is a 6-10 4-star power forward who played for Dayton and has declared for the 2018 NBA draft (without an agent).

Alex is in the 2020 recruiting class and plays with the spotlight directly on him. The success of his brothers, especially Giannis, rests on his shoulders and he plays as if he has been here before. He has elite athleticism with a polished all-around game for his age. He is quick and fast in transition with a sweet stroke from long range. He has equal impact on defense; with his long arms and quick hands he has the potential to be an elite defender. Although he's a few years away from being draft eligible, he projects as a possible high draft pick thanks to his length, athleticism and great bloodlines.

Let's go 1 on 1

LJ: The life you have lived since your brother became the superstar he is. How has it been?

Alex: It has been great; a lot of excitement comes with playing basketball in the United States. Basketball in the U.S is fit for someone like me and my family.

LJ: When did you know your brother was a star?

Alex: I always knew my brother was heading towards stardom, but when I saw him on that stage being announced a two time all-star by Kevin Hart I knew he was something special.

LJ: How have you been doing this season? What are your averages?

Alex: Although this season I and my squad fell short in the Regional finals, I had a decent season averaging 16pt/10rbs/3ast.

LJ: You have two other brothers Thanis who is already in the league and Kostas who just entered the NBA Draft. You get to learn a lot. What is the relationship you have with your brothers?

Alex: My brothers push me every day to become the best version of myself either that is on or off the court.

LJ: How much has Giannis taught you about the game of basketball?

Alex: I am a self-taught and self-sufficient player, most of my basketball IQ has come from my natural feel for the game, but having my brother there to guide me through obstacles along the way has been a great privilege to have.

LJ: What do you feel is the strength of your game at this point?

Alex: My three point shooting as well as my defense and ability to drive the ball during transitions.

LJ: Are you thinking of going to college in the US? Are any college teams recruiting you?

Alex: I currently hold a Division l scholarship offer from Green Bay University and have interest from Santa Barbara, Tulane, Wisconsin, and UW-Milwaukee, Iowa etc.

LJ: What have been your best individual game stats wise? What were your numbers?

Alex: It was a travel circuit game, I remember I was upset the previous night because I felt as if I turned down a ton of shots, the next night we had an early morning game I dropped 39pts and 16rbs.

LJ: If you could choose your NBA team who would you like to play for? Why?

Alex: Any team that would be ready to put trust and dedication in me for I am a long term raw athlete.

LJ: You and your brothers ever dream of playing on an NBA team together? Have you ever talked about it a bunch of "Greek Freaks" on one team that would be fun?

Alex: We aspire to all one day play in the NBA, that’s our goal and we work very hard to reach it.

LJ: What is the strength of your game that gives you the most impact?

Alex: My three point shooting and my athleticism gives me an edge over defenders

LJ: What top young international talent have you played so far?

Alex: I have played against great talent, Jalen Green, Cole Anthony, Kyree Walker etc.

LJ Young Lamelo Ball is tearing up the international circuit. You think you can take him? How great of a match up do you think that would be for the international game?

Alex: What he is doing at such a young age in Lithuania is impressive, we are two different players that play two different positions there for that would be interesting to see.

LJ: Who is your favorite NBA player and why?

Alex: My brother off course but a close second is Devin Booker his three point shooting is unbelievable, some of the best in the league.

LJ: You are a top prospect on the 2021 big board by NBA Draft Room. Do you expect to come out in 2021? If not when?

Alex: I am a project, my goal is to be out by then but that takes a lot of hard work and a lot of hours in the gym which I’m willing to put fourth.

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