Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Goodluck Okonoboh NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-9 - Power Forward - UNLV

An above-the-rim PF who can really defend in the lane.

Okonoboh is a quick leaper who can really play above the rim. He's got good length and nice hops. Shows good timing on his jumps (both rebounding and blocking shots) and is always a threat for a put-back dunk.

Is a standout on defense who changes a lot of shots in paint. Gets vertical quickly and has good discipline, rarely going for pump fakes or committing silly fouls.Slides his feet well and plays with good understanding and positioning.

His scoring is mostly limited to in the lane but he's developing a good feel and soft touch around the basket (when he's not throwing down dunks). Plays with good energy.

Has less than ideal size for the NBA level and will have to either bulk up a lot or develop some stretch-four ability (or both).

Has a limited offensive game at this point and needs work developing a mid range game and better ball skills.

Projection: possible first round pick in the 2016 NBA Draft

Monday, August 25, 2014

Jayson Tatum NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-7 - Small Forward - St. Louis, MO.

A smooth and versatile wing player with awesome upside.

A very well built, strong and athletic wing player who is just scratching the surface of his potential. Has a nice feel for the game, high skill level and an NBA body.

Tatum is a skilled ball handler and can score the ball in a variety of ways. Has a natural feel for the game which, combined with his ball-handling, helps him blow by defenders and score at the rim or from mid range. Has a nice mid range jumper and an effortless release, with range out to three.

Has some point guard or point-forward tenancies and is a good play-maker with good court vision.

A strong and determined defender with ideal size.

There's not a glaring weakness in his game. Gaining consistency and continuing to build on his skill level and understanding of the game is all that's needed.

Projection: Lottery pick in the 2017 NBA Draft

Friday, August 15, 2014

Devon Booker NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-5 - Shooting Guard - Kentucky

A high level scorer with one of the best shooting strokes in college basketball.

A great catch and shoot player who hits from three point land with great accuracy. Has a great feel for scoring and a soft touch. Can get unconscious from downtown and is a game changer with the way he shoots the ball.

A crafty player who makes up for his lack of speed with good ball fakes, jab steps and hesitation dribbles.

Has an advanced mid range game, not normally seen from players his age.

Doesn't have the best first step and is not a truly explosive player. Could be a liability on defense at the next level.

Is a shooting specialist who will have to work hard to round out the rest of his game.

Projection: possible first round pick in the 2016 NBA Draft

R.J. Hunter NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-5 - Shooting Guard - Georgia State

One of the best outside shooters in college ball with a great feel for getting his shot.

Hunter can really stretch the defense and open up the court on the offensive end. He's got a great three point shot and is always a threat to knock one down from deep.  Plays well without the ball and knows how to get his shot. Sees the floor well and is a high level passer with a good feel for the offensive flow.

A very heady defender with quick hands and a knack for stripping the ball and reading the passing lanes. Makes up for less than ideal athleticism with good understanding, anticipation and positioning.

An elite free throw shooter.

Has good but not great athleticism and could be outmatched at the next level. Is not a true above the rim player. Needs to add strength.

Needs to work on his dribble drive and getting to the rim to draw fouls.

Projection: late first or early second round pick in the 2015 NBA Draft