Sunday, February 19, 2017

Caleb Swanigan NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-8 - 250 - PF - Purdue

Swanigan is a skilled and powerful player who lacks ideal height but makes up for it with nice length good strength, and by playing with intensity.

A strong PF who excels at rebounding the ball and has shown impressive improvement in his offensive game. Swanigan makes his living in the lane, using his wide frame and strength to secure rebounds, defend the paint and score in the low post. He does a great job of creating space for himself and has enough length to compete for rebounds and defend the rim, despite not having ideal height.

He has become a reliable shooter out to the college 3 and will likely develop into a solid NBA 3 point shooter in time. He is very efficient with his touches and shoots a high percentage from the field, from 3, and from the line.

He has enough size to play center in small-ball lineups. Has shown the ability to out rebound just about every player in college basketball and can rebound effectively vs. taller players.

He can guard multiple positions, using his strength to defend in the lane and using his length and quick feet to guard on the perimeter. He shows good awareness on defense and knows when to hedge on the pick and roll, when to commit to the double team and he plays with great positioning.

Swanigan is fundamentally sound in all aspects of the game and plays the right way. He hustles, makes good decisions, shows leadership and should have a long NBA career as a glue-guy. He might not be a star at the next level but his rebounding should translate well and his all around game should get him on the court at the next level.

Is a bit undersized to play in the paint at the NBA level and will have to continue to expand his game and become more versatile.

Doesn't project as a great back to the basket scorer in the NBA, mainly due to his lack of height.

Reminds of Brandon Bass with his strength, long arms, hustle and less than ideal height.

Projection: late first to early second round pick in the 2017 NBA Draft

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sekou Doumbouya NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-9 - 210 - SF - France (via Guinea)

A big, strong wing who has a lot of upside, especially on the defensive end.

A big run/jump athlete who is dynamic in the open court and has elite defensive potential. Has very good quickness for his size and is a powerful and graceful athlete who is fun to watch in the open court. He projects as a high level defender who can guard multiple positions. If he can reach his defensive potential he'll have a long NBA career, even if his offensive game doesn't pan out. The fact that he lists Tony Allen as one of his idols tells you a lot about his commitment to defense.

Doumbouya gets a lot of his buckets in transition, where his size and speed make him a match-up nightmare. He changes ends beautifully and has the length and leaping ability to finish over defenders.

He is an above average three point shooter at this stage in his career. He shoots it with good fundamentals and gets good arc on his shot. He can create his own offense with the dribble, either taking it into the lane or shaking free for a jumper. He shoots it best off of catch and shoot situations but he can also hit shots off the dribble and on step backs moves.

He is developing post moves and has the size and strength to develop into a good post scorer. He can get to the rim off of quick spin moves or give a shoulder fake into a fade-way jumper. At this point his offensive game is very unpolished but he shows flashes of big time ability.

His good strength, length and athleticism, to go along with an advanced skill level for a young player, makes him a potential lottery pick down the road.

Still learning the game and improving his decision making.

Needs to continue to improve his fundamentals: improve his ball handling, especially his off hand, and improve his passing.

Is very raw and inexperienced. Needs to gain a better understanding of the game and learn proper positioning.

Seems like a more advanced version of OG Anunoby with a slice of Jabari Parker mixed in.

Projection: first round pick in the 2019 or 2020 NBA Draft

Sunday, February 12, 2017

John Collins NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-10 - 235 - PF - Wake Forest

A big time athlete at 6-10, Collins can fly above the rim and has a ton of bounce in his game.

Has ideal physical tools for the PF position and is developing quickly. Has superb quickness, burst and leaping ability, allowing him to blow by defenders and rise up for impressive dunks. He is a constant threat on the backdoor alley-opp and does a good job of filling the lane on the fast break and putting himself in position to get to the rim.

Collins does most of his damage in the paint and is becoming a major force as a rebounder, on both ends of the floor. He does a nice job of following up on missed shots to get the easy put back.

He is very efficient with his touches and shoots a high percentage from the field, thanks in part to his great dunking ability. He shows some promise in the pick and roll game and does a nice job of rolling into the lane and getting himself open. His post game shows flashes of potential and he does a really nice job of fighting for post position. He's developing a consistent baby hook shot and he uses the drop step well.

A solid free throw shooter for a young power forward, Collins hits in the mid 70's but could develop into a 80% free throw shooter in time. Shows promise with his mid range jumper and should develop a consistent shot out to 18.

He has good defensive upside and uses his length and leaping ability to alter a lot of shots in the lane. Can defend at the rim and shows good mobility/versatility to guard on the perimeter.

An upside athlete who could take a few years to develop but has the potential to be really good.

Collins is still very raw and just figuring out how to tap into his potential. His offensive game is a work in progress and he does most of his scoring within 8 feet of the basket. Can his mid range game develop to a point where he's a real threat from outside the lane?

Can play a bit out of control, over-driving the ball, leading to turnovers.

Needs to show better discipline on defense, staying vertical to avoid fouls and not falling for up fakes. Doesn't always play with good positioning and can be slow to react on D.

Has some Darrell Arthur in his game but his ceiling is close to Marquese Chriss, although he doesn't have the natural shooting ability that Chriss does.

Projection: late lottery to mid first round pick in the 2017 or 2018 NBA Draft

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Kris Wilkes NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-8 - 195 - SF - UCLA

A wiry athlete who runs the floor well and is excellent at scoring in transition and from mid range.

Does a good job of attacking the paint and getting to the rim or drawing a foul. Has a quick first step and a knack for scoring in the lane from various angles. Keeps the defense honest with his outside shooting ability and uses the up-fake well to get the defender off his feet.

Has an overall high skill level and is an excellent ball handler and passer. Shows some point forward skills and can collapse the defense with the dribble and find the open man. Plays the game the right way and moves the ball well. Takes good shots and is an efficient scorer.

Is quick up and down the court and excels in an uptempo style of play. Changes ends in a hurry and is good at finishing on the fast break. Has the length and leaping ability to make plays above the rim. Does a really good job of crashing the offensive glass and getting second chance points.

Shows good hustle and plays with a lot of heart. Doesn't take possessions off and shows a commitment to the defensive end. Has the length and enough strength to be a high level defender and one who can guard multiple positions.

Has a smooth release on his jumper and an advanced mid range game. Has a quick and compact overhead release and gets nice elevation on his shot. Is a very efficient shooter from the elbow and from 18 feet and in, and really knows how to find his shot. Shows the potential to become a good three point shooter in time.

Has an old school, fundamentally sound game and good work ethic. Seems to be destined for a long NBA career.

Lacks upper body strength and overall strength. Could get pushed around on defense until he fills out his frame and gets stronger.

Is not yet a consistent threat from three point range.

Is a good but not great athlete by NBA standards. Doesn't have great lateral quickness and is a bit stiff on the back peddle.

Reminds of Harrison Barnes with some Rudy Gay mixed in.

Projection: possible first round pick in the 2018 or 2019 NBA Draft