Friday, April 17, 2015

Damian Jones NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-10 - Power Forward - Vanderbilt

Has a NBA body but an unrefined game. Shows good potential as a rebounder and interior defender.

Jones has very impressive length, strength and athletic ability. Has the physical tools to play at the next level.

Will earn his living with defense and rebounding and shows flashes of being a force in the lane. Gets off the floor well to contest shots and grab rebounds. Times his jumps well and has a good feel on the defensive end. Rotates well and is a good help defender.

Is developing a back to the basket game and becoming more of a threat to score the ball. Above average offensive rebounder.

Doesn't play with consistent intensity or high energy. Shows great effort on some plays and seems to take some plays off.

Despite showing some improvement, is still a poor free throw shooter.

Lacks a mid range game and doesn't handle the ball well. Isn't much of a threat to shoot the ball from beyond the lane.

Projection: mid to late first round pick in the 2016 NBA Draft

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Michael Porter Jr NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-9 - Small Forward - Columbia, MO

A highly skilled wing player who has awesome ability for a 6-9 player. Huge upside on the offensive end.

Porter has unique skills for a 6-9 player with a great looking three point shot and excellent athleticism. Gets incredible elevation on his shot and is almost impossible to block. Has all the makings of a top level NBA three point shooter.

Has ideal length and athleticism for the SF position. Elevates well and can really play above the rim. Really attacks the bucket well.

Very solid in all aspects of the game. Fundamentally sound with high level understanding of timing, spacing and team defense.

A unique talent with tantalizing upside.

It's early. We'll see how he develops over the next few years. Can he fill out his frame and keep his mobility?

Looks like Kevin Durant with his three point shot and ability to play above the rim.

Projection: lottery pick in the 2018 NBA Draft

Nigel Hayes NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-7 - Small Forward - Wisconsin

A powerful and versatile forward with an expanding offensive game.

Has shown rapid improvement and is quickly becoming a high level offensive player. Has expanded his range out to the college three point line and hits with very good accuracy. Has a very consistent and pure looking stroke.

Is very solid and well build but also has a quick first step and good athleticism. Can defend multiple positions and has a lot of versatility on both ends of the floor.

Will need to continue to become a 3, since he's undersized to play the 4 at the next level.

Needs to improve his ball handling and dribble-drive ability.

Needs to get better from the free throw line.

Very reminiscent of Draymond Green with his powerful build and versatile game.

Projection: mid first round pick in the 2016 NBA Draft

Monday, April 13, 2015

DeAndre Ayton NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-10 - Center - San Diego (via Bahamas)

Ayton is an elite level prospect who has all the makings of a high level NBA center. He's still young and needs time to develop but the future is very bright for Ayton.

Has an ideal built for a basketball player with great height, broad shoulders and good coordination. Gets up and down the floor with fluid motion and has excellent suddenness and burst. A quick leaper.

Plays with a high level of hustle and intensity and contributes in all aspects of the game. Is a committed rebounder and defender who is an absolute terror on the High School level.

Shows good hands and a nice touch out to about 17 feet with excellent form on his jumper. Has a good skill level, not just size and athleticism.

There's not a lot of negatives here.

He just needs to continue to develop his body and his game and the sky is the limit.

Projection: lottery pick in the 2018 NBA Draft