Monday, April 11, 2016

Jarrett Allen NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-10 - PF - TX

A true post player with a fundamentally sound game.

Allen live son the low block, where he can score on a variety of back to the basket moves and face up jumpers. He doesn't blow you away with athleticism but he has the size and strength to be a major force in the paint.

He does a good job of establishing position and shows his hands well, getting himself ready to receive the post entry pass. He finishes well through contact and doesn't shy away from physical play. He's very efficient with his movements and plays a steady, efficient game.

Does a good job of defending the post, playing with discipline and good positioning. Uses his length well to disrupt shots without drawing fouls.

Plays within himself and doesn't try to do too much. Makes good decisions and plays the game the right way.

Allen is not a big time athlete and he kind of lumbers up and down the court. He doesn't get great lift and is just an adequate above the rim player. He's got an old school game and doesn't stretch the floor like many modern Bigs.

Robin Lopez.

Projection: possible first round pick in the 2017 or 2018 NBA Draft

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kevin Knox NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-8 - SF - TN

A high level SF prospect who has great length, awesome leaping ability and a lot of talent. Can really score the ball.

Has the type of athletic ability that scouts love. At 6-8 he's got great quickness and suddenness, good leaping ability and a ton of length. He plays like a shooting guard in a 6-8 frame, with really good coordination.

Can score from all three levels. Uses jab steps and ball fakes well and does a good job of getting the defender off balance. Can pull up and drain threes or take it to the rim.

His length and elevation make his jumper hard to block and he's got a quick, smooth release.

His ability to change ends and make plays in transition is stunning. Knox is a fluid athlete, super quick and exceptionally long. He's got broad shoulders and has already added a lot of muscle to his frame.

Nothing major. Just needs to continue to improve his ball handling and outside shot and continue to gain an understanding of the game.

Could use some more muscle, which will come as he continues to fill out his frame.

Reminds of a longer Tracy McGrady or (dare I say) Kevin Durant. Maybe a touch of Giannis.

Projection: first round pick in the 2018 or 2019 NBA Draft

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Terrance Ferguson NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-7 - SG - Arizona

A long, lean and wiry wing with a good looking jumper.

Ferguson has really nice length and a smooth shooting stroke. He gets good elevation on his jumper, has great for and snaps his wrist well. Hits a good percentage from both mid range and three point land.

He's got nice height for a SG, with good length and high level athleticism. Quick and graceful in the open court with very good quickness. Gets off the ground exceptionally well and is a highlight reel dunker. His leaping ability is his biggest draw right now and it wouldn't be a surprise to see him win an NBA dunk contest. Can play with his head at the rim.

Can get his own shot off the dribble and has good movement off the ball, using screens. Has the quickness to loose his defender in half court sets.

His length and athleticism give him good upside as a defender.

Doesn't have a lot of strength and will have to put in work to gain the muscle to hold his own against NBA level competition. His lack of strength limits his effectiveness in lane, both scoring in traffic and getting rebounds.

Doesn't always play with good control and/or decision making. Gambles on D. Gets loose with the dribble and isn't great at making plays off the bounce.

Doesn't seem to be an alpha dog or a great leader. 

Terrance Ross or a taller J.R. Smith

Projection: first round pick in the 2017 or 2018 NBA Draft

Friday, April 1, 2016

Jordan Tucker NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-8 - SF - NY

One of the best shooters to come along in years. Tucker has a silky smooth stroke with great accuracy.

Tucker is a constant threat to drill one from deep. His release is picture perfect and super smooth.

He hunts his shot on the perimeter and knows how to find space. He makes up for a lack of speed by having good shiftiness and a natural feel for the game. His decision making, shot selection and ball movement skills are top notch and he seems to be a student of the game.

Uses screens well and has a quick release, which should get even quicker as he continues to refine his skills. Has range out to NBA three and projects as a very high level three point shooter at the next level.

He's got a lot of strength and can hold his own in the paint.

He's a low center of gravity player who doesn't get a lot of lift off the ground. His lack of leaping ability hinders his inside game and his ability to get rebounds and finish in the lane.

Could struggle to find his shot against NBA level quickness.

Bigger Doug McDermott with some Tobias Harris mixed in.

Projection: first round pick in the 2018 NBA Draft