Sunday, February 16, 2014

Josh Jackson NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-8 - SF - Kansas

Long and quick player who is an exceptional run/jump athlete who plays with intensity and fire. Has a chance to be a great defender. 

Has great length and overall size for a wing player and can explode above the rim.  Has great quickness and burst and is a well coordinated athlete with good body control. Uses his speed to blow by defenders with the dribble and can really elevate in the lane.

His length and leaping ability make him a major threat on the fast break and on put-back dunks.

Has a solid mid range game and an ever improving three point shot. Shoots the fade away jumper with good accuracy and nice elevation. Knows how to get his shot and is a natural born basket-getter.

Sees the court well and tends to make the right basketball play. Has a good understanding of the game for a young player, especially on offense, and does a nice job of moving without the ball and creating space on the floor.

Can get his own shot in one on one situations and should/could become a go-to scorer at the NBA level. Does a good job of collapsing the defense with the dribble and finding the open man.

Jackson is a truly great leaper who plays above the rim with ease. A menace on the fast break, a great dunker and an elite level above the rim player.

Does a nice job of getting low on defense and plays with active hands. Has good instincts as a weak side shot blocker and help defender. Takes his defensive assignment personally and plays with great competitive fire.

Needs to improve his ball handling, especially his left hand. Sometimes over dribbles and gets caught up in traffic. Doesn't have the strength to finish through traffic.

Needs to gain maturity (like all youngsters) and continue to grow his understanding of the game.

Needs to add muscle and fill out his frame.

Has a low release on his jumper, which makes it easier for a defender to bother his shot, and he has less-than ideal form on his shot.

Has length and bounce like Tracy McGrady. Reminds of Andrew Wiggins with a quicker first step (but a slightly smaller frame, more narrow shoulders).

Projection: top 6 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft