Udoka Azubuike NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-10 - Center - Kansas

A man-child of a post player with brute strength and good length. Raw but full of upside.

Azubuike is one of the strongest post players we've seen in years. He has natural brute strength and a solid frame. He can overpower most opponents and is a real force in the lane.

A surprisingly good athlete and quick leaper, Azubuike can play above the rim and has good hops for such a powerful player. His long arms are an asset, helping him snare rebounds and play above the rim with ease.

He is a patient player who understands his role and doesn't force too many shots.

An old school bruiser who plays in the lane and seems to relish contact. Has the strength and power to hold his own against NBA centers.

Needs to stay lean and mean. Has the potential to get too heavy and loose some of his explosiveness. Conditioning could be a negative, as he's not a natural run and jump athlete.

Very raw and unpolished. A work of progress who needs time to develop. Doesn't project as a high level scorer.

Reminds me of Eddie Curry and Sharon Wright. He's quicker than Eddie Curry and just as powerful. Dunks like Sharon Wright. But hopefully he'll develop into a better player than both of those busts.

Projection: mid first round pick in the 2018 NBA Draft