Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Michael Porter Jr NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-10 - Small Forward - Missouri

A highly skilled wing player who has awesome ability for a 6-10 player with huge upside on the offensive end thanks to his elite shot making.

Porter has unique skills for a 6-10 player with a great looking three point shot and excellent athleticism. He gets incredible elevation on his shot and is almost impossible to block. Has all the makings of a big time scorer at the next level.

Has ideal length and athleticism for the SF position. Elevates well and can really play above the rim. Really attacks the bucket well off the dribble and also has an advanced mid range game.

He's very solid in all aspects of the game and plays with intensity and a ton of confidence. He knows he's the best player on the court and doesn't back down from the big moments.

Porter is fundamentally sound with high level understanding  of the game. He shows great awareness of spacing and knows how to operate within the flow of the offense.

On defense he's got the versatility to guard inside and out and enough athleticism to stay with smaller wings. He's a solid team defender who understands rotations and team concepts. He can guard beyond the three point line and also defend at the rim.

He's a unique talent with elite level offensive skills.

It's early. We'll see how he develops over the next year.

Can he fill out his frame and keep his mobility?

Looks like Kevin Durant with his three point shot and ability to play above the rim.

Projection: top 3 pick in the 2018 NBA Draft