Monday, July 13, 2015

Marvin Bagley III NBA Draft Scouting Report

6-11 - Center - Gilbert, AZ

Bagley might be the highest upside prospect since Anthony Davis. He's very young and it will be fun to watch him develop over the coming years, to see if he reaches his high upside potential.

He has great size, length and athleticism and a rare skill set for such a young player. Has coordination and body control normally seen in smaller players and has great suddenness with his movements.

A good leaper for his size, he plays above the rim effortlessly and is an overall smooth and fluid athlete. He glides up and down the court and can really explode to the rim.

Has great hands and catches everything thrown his way. Can score with either hand (lefty) and has a nice array of ball fakes and post moves. Has great footwork in the post and does a nice job of getting the defender off balance with his array of moves. Handles the ball and sees the court well and has a good feel for moving the ball out of the double team.

Has developed a nice mid range jumper, which he can get off the turnaround or step back moves. Shoots from a high position like a young Kevin Garnett. Does a good job with the jab step and playing from a triple threat position. Is developing range out to three point land and is a solid catch and shoot player.

Plays hard and looks to dominate. Can change the game with his defensive presence in the lane, while also stepping out to guard the pick and roll and defend the three point line. His versatility on defense gives him a lot of value.

Is as complete a basketball player as you'll find at his age. There's always room for improvement in his game an filling out his body but there's not a glaring weakness in his game.

Will have to add some upper body strength and continue to define his body. Can get muscled out of the post and doesn't always have the strength to finish the three point play.

He has length and superb agility like a young Kevin Garnett.

Top 3 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft