LaMelo Ball NBA Draft Scouting Report





 PG  6-6  180  USA



  Standing Reach


 8/22/01 NA NA  NA

The younger brother of Lonzo and LiAngelo, LaMelo is an elite shooter and flashy play-maker who brings a ton of excitement to the game. He isn't blessed with great athleticism but his advanced skill level makes up for his athletic shortcomings. After taking his talents to Lithuania, he's now back in the U.S. playing high school ball.

A lights out shooter who has NBA range, and then some, Ball is a crowd-pleaser with his deep range and flashy passing. He plays with great pace and keeps the defense on it's heels with how he pushes the ball up the court.

Ball is an advanced ball-handler who possesses a strong left and the ability to take it into the lane with either hand. He is fast and crafty with the dribble and has a quick crossover and a lot of shake n bake moves to get past his man. He can handle against pressure and has a quick change of direction to shake free. He does a nice job of drawing the defense and dropping it off to a teammate in the paint or kicking it out for a three.

His shooting ability is what sets him apart from other prospects and makes him a legit NBA prospect. He can shoot from any angle, even while spinning back towards the basket. He pulls up for deep threes before the defense can step out to guard him and he can hit on a variety of runners and floaters.

Ball plays with oversized confidence and swagger, which rubs off on his teammates.

Ball is just an average athlete and lacks top level explosiveness and speed. He doesn't elevate well and his lack of strength and leaping ability make it hard for him to score in traffic and score over length. It remains to be seen if he can put on enough weight and add enough strength to hold his own at the highest levels of play (although he's got a much improved frame since last year).

Defensively Ball doesn't bring the same effort and energy that he brings to the offensive end. He lacks the strength to guard bigger guards and his average quickness can lead to blow-by's. He doesn't always hustle back on defense and seems more concerned with the offensive end of the court.

His lack of defense will be highlighted if/when he gets to the NBA level.

  • Rich man's Seth Curry
  • taller Anthony Peeler 
  • Meadowlark Lemon
Projection: possible first round pick in the 2020 NBA Draft