Darius Garland NBA Draft Scouting Report





 PG  6-2  173 Vanderbilt
(Brentwood, TN)



  Standing Reach


 1/26/00 6-5 8-0  NA

A true lead guard with high level BBIQ and elite feel for the game, Garland is a winner and team first player. Although he lacks ideal size/strength he's a big time prospect thanks to his high skill level, natural scoring ability and intangibles.

Garland does a great job of drawing the defense and is a master of using the dribble to create passing angles. He sees the play before it happens and passes teammates open. Has nice pass-ahead ability in transition.

Garland is a creative scorer who is adept at using either hand around the rim. He has a good feel for creating space in the lane to score over taller defenders. Has a soft floater and knows when to use it. Pushes the ball well and can take it coast to coast for the score. Catches the defense off guard with his open court speed.

Has a silkly smooth jumper with a beautiful release. Does a good job of using the dribble to shake free for jumpers and can shoot it with range.

Garland has quick hands and is a pesky defender who isn't afraid to mix it up.

Plays a refreshing brand of basketball, as a team first player.

Very thin and light and will likely struggle to put on weight. Will have a tough time matching up against NBA size and guarding NBA PGs.

Isn't much of an above the rim player and isn't the most explosive athlete.

Recovering from injury (meniscus in left knee).

A taller Tyler Ulis

Projection:  mid first round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft