2018 Big Board Top 30

# Player Pos. Big Board - Updated 6/20/18 10:55 EST Comp.
1 DeAndre Ayton C HT: 7-1 - WT: 260 - WING: 7-5 - FROM: Arizona
Ayton is a combination of an extremely high upside prospect and also a safe bet: a guy who should be a 20 and 10 player sooner rather than later. In a strong draft class like this, Ayton stands out above the crowd as clearly the best prospect.

2 Marvin Bagley III PF HT: 6-11 - WT: 235 - WING: 7-1 - FROM: Duke
To call Bagley a generational talent is a stretch but it's been a long time since we've seen a 6-11 player who can move the way he does (Giannis) and his combination of athleticism, natural talent and hustle is hard to match. He's a guy who could take a year or two to find his groove in the NBA but when the pieces all come together for him he's got a chance to be an All-NBA player.
Kevin Garnett, Beasley
3 Mohamed Bamba C HT: 7-1 - WT: 225 - WING: 7-10 - FROM: Texas
Bamba is a unique prospect who could end up just as good as some of the guys above him on this list. But there's also a chance that his frame doesn't fill out and he struggles to adjust to NBA strength. He shows flashes of small forward skills in an incredibly long frame and his agility at that size, along with his improving ball handling and open floor ability are enough to make scout's mouths water. I see Bamba as a major boom or bust type of player. He could be absolutely special in the League or he could coast along for a few years as an intriguing but ultimately disappointing player.
a more mobile Rudy Gobert
4 Jaren Jackson Jr. PF HT: 6-11 1/4 - WT: 240 - WING: 7-5 1/4 - FROM: Michigan St.
JJJ and Bamba are neck in neck for this spot but Jackson gets the nod due to his solid frame, his youth and a game that seems to translate perfectly to today's NBA. At the very least he projects as a defensive stopper who could be an All-Defensive Team guy for years to come. And he's also got a chance to be an effective offensive player with a back-to-the-basket game and ability to space the floor.
Mourning, Myles Turner

5 Michael Porter Jr. SF HT: 6-10 3/4 - WT: 215 - WING: 7-0 1/4 - FROM: Missouri
This projection comes down to his health. If MPJ gets fully healthy and gets his legs/athleticism back, he'll be a special offensive talent who could end up as one of the leading scorers in the League. There's some obvious risk due to the injury and not seeing him play much at Missouri but based on upside and the possibility of him reaching that upside, MPJ gets the nod over some of the other highly touted lottery talents.
stronger Brandon Ingram

6 Wendell Carter Jr. PF HT: 6-10 - WT: 251 - WING: 7-4 1/2 FROM: Duke
Carter Jr. is sort of a boring prospect but when it's all said and done he should have a very long and successful NBA career, with a chance to be an All Star level player in his prime. He can do it all, scoring inside and out, passing the ball and setting screens. His potential as a floor-spacing, pass-happy center is intriguing. He just needs to show that he can guard in space and occasionally switch onto ball-handlers.
Greg Monroe, Al Horford
7 HT: 6-4 1/2 - WT: 200 - WING: 6-10 1/4 - FROM: Miami
Lonnie Walker is a prospect who could emerge from the back of the lottery to become a star player. He's a big time athlete who shows flashes of lead guard ability and lethal scoring instincts. He's got a ways to go and could end up busting but his upside and natural scoring ability could make him a steal in this draft.
Brandon Roy
8 Luka Doncic SG HT: 6-8 - WT: 225 - WING: 6-11 - FROM: Slovenia
We've all heard the Doncic hype and it's going to be very exciting to see how is game translates to the NBA but from this one scout's perspective, he projects as a solid starter but not a superstar type of player. His upside is the second best player on a contending team and his floor is a solid starter and glue-guy who shows flashes (and fills the seats and sells a lot of jerseys). I'm ready to be proven wrong and am pulling for him to succeed but I've also seen too many hyped-up but under-athletic players try and fail to live up to those enormous expectations.
Rubio, Mike Miller
9 Kevin Knox SF HT: 6-9 - WT: 215 - WING: 6-11 3/4 - FROM: Kentucky
Knox has extremely high upside as one of the youngest players in the draft and possessing freakish athleticism. He'll probably take a few years to come into his own but the wait could be worth it in a big way. It wouldn't surprise me if he ends up better than the Bridges and some of the other SG/SFs listed above him.
Paul George
10 Shai Gilgeous- Alexander PG HT: 6-6 - WT: 180 - WING: 6-11 1/2 - FROM: Kentucky
Shai is definitely not a sure thing but there's a lot to like about his game and his frame. He is very crafty with the ball, uses his size well and has a killer instinct. There's boom or bust potential with him.
Tyreke Evans
11 HT: 6-8 - WT: 210 - WING: 7-1 - FROM: Villanova
Mikal projects as a role player but could end up being a very high end role player, which gives him a lot of value. I'd be surprised if he makes multiple All Star teams but he's one of the safer picks in this draft and should have a very long career.
Otto Porter

12 Zhaire Smith SF HT: 6-4 - WT: 195 - WING: 6-9 3/4 - FROM: Texas Tech
Zhaire projects as the ultimate glue-guy and defensive stopper who should steadily improve his offensive game. He's an incredible athlete and he's got a truly advanced feel for the game, especially on the defensive end and on the offensive glass. He has court awareness and BBIQ that you can't teach. His upside is as a solid long term starter who might make an All Star team or two in his prime.
John Starks
13 Trae Young PG HT: 6-1 3/4 - WT: 180 - WING: 6-3 - FROM: Oklahoma
Trae is well suited for today's NBA but he's a sub-par athlete who lacks ideal size and so there's some bust potential here as well. He's probably the player in this draft that has the widest range in terms of where he could be in re-drafts 5 years from now. The 6 or 7 players below him on this list could all end up better pros, or Trae could light the NBA on fire and be a perennial All Star.
Tyus Jones +, Steve Nash

14 Collin Sexton PG HT: 6-1 1/2 - WT: 185 - WING: 6-7 1/4 - FROM: Alabama
This might be a bit low for Sexton but it's a deep draft and the PG position in the NBA is loaded, so he might not become an All Star (at least not for a lot of years). If his outside shot shows a big improvement, that will obviously do a lot for his game.
better Beverley, Chauncey Billups
15 Elie Okobo PG HT: 6-3 - WT: 194 - WING: 6-8 - FROM: France
Okobo is an underrated prospect who should have a very long successful career and could outplay his draft position (assuming he falls to late first, early second). He's a dynamic athlete with good length and a smooth offensive game. He's got all the tools to succeed at the next level.
Dennis Schroeder
16 Anfernee Simons SG HT: 6-3 1/4 - WT: 177 - WING: 6-9 1/4 - FM: Altamonte Sp., FL
Boom or bust. Simons has the shooting ability and quick twitch athleticism to make plays in the League but he's obviously very inexperienced at high levels of competition. If he can improve his PG skills he could end up a steal in the late first round.
17 Miles Bridges SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 225 - WING: 6-9 1/2 - FROM: Michigan St.
Bridges has been the best athlete on the floor for just about every game of his career so far but when he gets to the NBA that'll change and he'll have to expand his game if he wants to be a high level player. Expect him to be an energy guy off the bench who could develop into a starter in time.
Justise Winslow
18 Kevin Huerter SG
HT: 6-7 - WT: 190 - WING: 6-7 1/2- FROM: Maryland
A lethal three point shooter with deep range who could be a specialist at the next level. Out until late summer with a hand injury.
Klay-lite, Stauskas
19 Chandler Hutchison SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 195 - WING: 7-1 - FROM: Boise State
Like Frazier, Hutchison can D it up and defend multiple positions while showing the ability to hit the three. His open court ability is impressive and he's shown improved ball handling ability.
Devean George
20 Jalen Brunson PG HT: 6-2 - WT: 195 - WING: 6-4 - FROM: Villanova
Brunson might not be a sexy pick but when we look back at this draft in 10 years he'll probably have outplayed many of the high upside type of prospects that get picked ahead of him.
Andre Miller
21 Mitchell Robinson C HT: 7-0 - WT: 225 - WING: 7-4 - FROM: USA
It's tempting to put Robinson much higher on this list due to his physical profile but he comes with a lot of question marks, to go along with that intriguing upside. Whichever team drafts him will likely have to be patient, but remember, DeAndre Jordon was a second round pick who took many years to develop before hitting his stride.
Whiteside, Bynum
22 HT: 6-5 3/4 - WT: 215 - WING: 6-8 3/4 - FROM: Duke
A talented scorer with a super-smooth three point shot and more than enough athleticism, Trent Jr. should have a very long and solid career in the League.
Wesley Mathews
23 Omari Spellman PF HT: 6-9 - WT: 250 - WING: 7-2 - FROM: Villanova
A great fit in today's NBA thanks to his team-first offensive game (passing ability and understanding of screening, off-ball movement) and his ability to stretch the floor. An ideal small-ball center.
Kris Humphries
24 HT: 6-9 - WT: 240 - WING: 7-4 - FROM: Texas A&M
Robert Williams will be good at what he's good at (rebounding and blocking shots) but the rest of his game is limited and, depending on where he lands, it could be a while before he earns the minutes to a have a major impact. If he can prove that he can guard in space and show better overall awareness he's got solid starter potential down the line.
Antonio Davis, Chris Wilcox
25 Donte DiVincenzo SG HT: 6-5 - WT: 205 - WING: 6-6 - FROM: Villanova
Donte is known as a lights out shooter but he's also a big time athlete with explosvie leaping ability. He should be able to come in and contribute right away with his scoring ability and ability to guard multiple positions.
Courtney Lee
26 Melvin Frazier SF HT: 6-6 - WT: 200 - WING: 7-1 3/4 - FROM: Tulane
Casual fans underrate defense and team play but scouts and GMs know how valuable those things are. Frazier looks like a guy who can contribute early in his career and could develop into a nice complimentary piece, especially if his three point shooting is for real.
Ronnie Brewer
27 HT: 6-6 - WT: 210 - WING: NA - FROM: Cincinnati
A big guard who is very young for his class, Evans is rock solid in all aspects but doesn't have one standout skill. His feel for the game and ability to defend a few positions should lead to a long career but it remains to be seen if he develops into a high level starter.
Eric Gordon

28 Troy Brown SG HT: 6-6 3/4 - WT: 215 - WING: 6-10 - FROM: Oregon
While some draftniks are enamored with Troy Brown, he projects as a role player at the next level who could develop into a starter down the line. He's got size but doesn't have great speed and so his success or lack of success will come down to his three point shooting, BBIQ and possibly the situation he lands in.
Morris Peterson
29 Moritz Wagner PF HT: 6-11 1/2 - WT: 235 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: Michigan
Bigs who can shoot have a lot of value. Wagner might not be the next Lauri, let alone Dirk, but if he puts together a career like Ersan Ilyasova he could be a steal in the late first to mid second.
Ersan Ilyasova
30 Keita Bates-Diop SF HT: 6-8 1/2 - WT: 223 - WING: 7-3 - FROM: Ohio State
KBD is a solid fit in today's NBA with his versatile game and ability to play small-ball PF or C. He's probably a guy who comes off the bench most of his career but when you get to the late first or early second round, all you're looking for is a solid contributor and Bates-Diop has the potential to stick around and have a solid career.
James Posey