2018 NBA Mock Draft

# Team Player Pos. Updated 3/21//18 Comp.
DeAndre Ayton C HT: 7-0 - WT: 260 - WING: 7-5 - FROM: Arizona
Ayton has a few red flags on defense but his offensive production and elite upside are hard to deny. He holds onto the #1 spot, with Bagley making a strong case as well. Finding a dominant center is rare and Ayton has looked as dominant as any center we've seen in recent memory. His offensive game is very advanced for his age and his physical profile is pretty much unmatched. He can fall asleep on defense and doesn't always play with the best motor but he's got superstar upside.The Suns are desperate for a center and would love to add the potential superstar Ayton to the team.

Marvin Bagley III PF HT: 6-11 - WT: 235 - WING: 7-1 - FROM: Duke
Bagley is right there in the conversation for #1 overall as he continues his strong play. He's a sensational athlete for a 6-11 player who can out run and out jump just about every other player on the floor. His second jump ability is special, like a much bigger Andrew Wiggins, and his offensive rebounding ability is as good as it gets. The concerns about his defense are real but the concerns about his offense not projecting to the NBA are overblown. His right hand will develop just fine and he'll be a three level scorer . Bagley would be a great fit next to Marc Gasol and could help the Grizzlies make a quick return to playoff contention.
Kevin Garnett, Beasley

Michael Porter Jr. SF HT: 6-10 - WT: 215 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: Missouri
MPJ is a top 3 talent who is just starting to get his legs back, after missing time with injury. It might take him a few months to get back into playing shape, so his NBA draft workouts will be crucial. If he had been healthy all season there's a chance he'd be picked #1 overall, he's that good. The Magic are in need of talent, especially if Aaron Gordon departs, and MPJ is the best talent on the board. He'd fit well on the wing next to Isaac to give the Magic a ton of length and versatility on the front line/wing.
stronger Brandon Ingram

4 Hawks Luka Doncic SG HT: 6-8 - WT: 225 - WING: 6-11 - FROM: Slovenia
Doncic is a favorite of draft fans and draftniks, who often rank him #1 overall but it remains to be seen if NBA teams are drinking the kool-aid. He's certainly an elite talent but we're concerned about his lack of athleticism, average foot-speed and lack of above the rim play. He's got a great skill set, uncanny feel for the game and impressive stats for a young player going against grown men but NBA length and speed are a whole different animal and Doncic isn't a sure thing. The Hawks would be a great landing spot as he'd fit their system well and he'd have Dennis Schroeder to take some of the ball handling pressure off him.
Rubio, Klay
Jaren Jackson Jr. PF HT: 6-11 - WT: 240 - WING: 7-4 - FROM: Michigan St.
The phrase "just scratching the surface of his potential" was made up for players like Jackson. He's got ideal length and size plus a great feel for the game, especially on the defensive end. The rebuilding Mavs could go with a high upside prospect like Jackson, who could take some time to develop but fits with their timeline.
Mourning, Myles Turner

Mohamed Bamba C HT: 7-0 - WT: 220 - WING: 7-9 - FROM: Texas
Bamba has all the tools to be a top 3 pick but needs to play with better intensity if he wants to be elite. His insane length and shot blocking prowess remind of a young Rudy Gobert and he's got a chance to be a special defender at the next level. If the Kings miss out on Doncic and MPJ, Bamba would be a nice consolation prize, giving them a young center to develop next to their young PFs, Skal and Giles.
a more mobile Rudy Gobert
Cavs (from Nets)
HT: 6-8 - WT: 210 - WING: 7-1 - FROM: Villanova
Mikal is the top 3 and D prospect in the draft and should have a very clear role at the next level. He's an efficient offensive player with a sweet shooting stroke and an emerging dribble-drive game. If the Cavs can keep LeBron, Bridges would be a perfect compliment. And if LeBron leaves Bridges would be a building block for the future.
Otto Porter

Collin Sexton PG HT: 6-3 - WT: 185 - WING: 6-6 - FROM: Alabama
Sexton reclaims a spot in the top 10 and could go higher than this if there's a team needing a PG. The Knicks could use Sexton's play-making skills and they also need a player who can set the tone for the team, so this would be a great fit. If Sexton improves his three point shooting he could become one of the better point guards in a league full of good ones.
better Beverley
Wendell Carter Jr. PF HT: 6-10 - WT: 260 - WING: 7-3 FROM: Duke
Carter Jr. gets overshadowed by Bagley but he's a top 10 talent who can play either front court position. The Bulls would do well to add the versatile big man to pair with Lauri. Carter Jr. might not be a first option type of offensive player but he's a terrific passer, a talented shot maker and he brings it on both ends of the floor.
longer Greg Monroe
Shai Gilgeous- Alexander PG HT: 6-6 - WT: 180 - WING: 6-11 - FROM: Kentucky
Shai lacks a consistent jumper but his ability to penetrate and score in the lane puts a lot of pressure on the defense. He's got length, creativity with the ball and good upside as a defender. He's versatile enough to play next to Kemba and could take over the PG duties if the Hornets decide to trade the veteran star.
Tyreke Evans
76ers (from Lakers)
HT: 6-4 - WT: 200 - WING: 6-10 - FROM: Miami
Walker is not yet consistent and his game is raw but the upside is undeniable. He can hang in the air and make plays at the rim that few players can make. He's got very good handles and shows some promise as a primary ball handler, not just a wing. There's some risk with this pick but his ceiling is very high and he'd a be a great fit with the young Sixers. Walker excels on backdoor cuts and playing in transition and his three point shot would space the floor for Simmons, Embiid and Fultz.
Brandon Roy
12 Clippers (from Pistons) Trae Young PG HT: 6-2 - WT: 180 - WING: 6-4 - FROM: Oklahoma
Trae Young is an interesting case. If he's allowed to roam free and play with a neon green light he can be an offensive force but in the NBA he'll have to differ to his teammates more and his shortcomings will be exposed. He's an incredible shot maker with filthy passing ability but his lack of size and athleticism promise to limit his upside. As great as Young has been in college he could end up as just a good but not great NBA player. As the Clippers redefine themselves, Young would help give the team an identity.
Tyus Jones +

Miles Bridges SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 225 - WING: 6-8 - FROM: Michigan St.
A powerful wing player with good elevation and an NBA body but an unrefined game. Seems destined to be a second scorer and glue guy at the next level. Bridges would fit well on the wing for the Clippers, bringing stout defense, rebounding and above the rim play.
Justise Winslow
Zhaire Smith SF HT: 6-5 - WT: 195 - WING: 6-9 - FROM: Texas Tech
A big time athlete with a high motor who fills up the stat sheet. Has big defensive upside, a great understanding of the game and has shown an improved three point shot. Smith would bring a ton of defense and athleticism to the Nuggets line up.
John Starks
15 Suns (from Bucks) Daniel Gafford C HT: 6-11 - WT: 234 - WING: 7-2 - FROM: Arkansas
Gafford is an upside prospect who not only has exceptional athleticism for his size but he plays with great energy and has made rapid improvements over the course of the season. The Suns can gamble on youth with their second first round pick.
Marcus Camby
Suns (from Heat)
Kevin Knox SF HT: 6-9 - WT: 215 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: Kentucky
Knox has a ton of natural ability and a lot of upside but he's young and still learning to put it all together on the court. The Suns could use a PG but with Knox still on the board he'd be hard to pass up at this point in the draft. He might take a few years to impact the League but the wait could be worth it.
Paul George
Jontay Porter PF HT: 6-10 - WT: 240 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: Missouri
The younger brother of Michael Porter, Jontay is a versatile forward who can score inside and out and is an outstanding passer. His three point shot is setting him apart from most of the other PFs in this class. He'd be a great floor spacer and ball-movement player who'd work well with the Sixers young core.
18 Wizards Mitchell Robinson C HT: 7-0 - WT: 225 - WING: 7-4 - FROM: USA
Robinson is a bit of mystery man, as he trains for the NBA draft outside of the spotlight. He's got the raw ability of a lottery pick but does he have the intangibles, maturity and BBIQ to make it in the League? Robinson may need a few years to develop but he's a high upside prospect with NBA center size who would give the Wizards a new dimension up front.
Whiteside, Bynum
Dzanan Musa SF HT: 6-9 - WT: 195 - WING: 6-8 - FROM: Bosnia
A skilled offensive talent who can light it up from three and has good open court speed. Lacks length and is limited on defense. Seems like a Spurs type of pick.
Gordon Hayward, Sam Dekker

O'Shae Brissett SF HT: 6-8 - WT: 210 - WING: 6-11 - FROM: Syracuse
A strong and versatile wing who excels at rebounding, defending and making hustle plays. Has a nose for the basket, can really score the ball and is a long and fluid athlete. The Jazz could use a young talent on the wing to grow next to Mitchell.
Walt Williams
Lakers (from Cavs)
HT: 6-9 - WT: 240 - WING: 7-4 - FROM: Texas A&M
A very long and powerful forward with a lot of natural talent. A force on the defensive end who can guard at the rim but has a limited offensive game. Has big time leaping ability. The Lakers could use his rebounding and interior defense.
Antonio Davis
22 Bulls (from Pelicans) Kris Wilkes SF HT: 6-8 - WT: 200 - WING: 6-11 - FROM: UCLA
A good open court athlete and advanced mid-range scorer who plays with an edge. Has a silky smooth offensive game, a quick, high release on his jumper and nice length/size for the position. Fills a need for the young Bulls.
Kris Middleton
23 Pacers Khyri Thomas SG HT: 6-3 - WT: 210 - WING: 6-10 - FROM: Creighton
Combo guard who's a high level athlete and aggressive defender. Has a ton of length and brings a ton of energy on defense. Has become a good three point shooter with some upside as a scorer. He might be redundant with Oladipo but the Pacers could use more of a good thing.
Avery Bradley
24 Hawks (from T-Wolves) HT: 6-6 - WT: 210 - WING: NA - FROM: Cincinnati
An efficient offensive player and outstanding defender with good size for the SG position. A gamer who plays with intensity and makes good basketball decisions. Evans is a college Junior who is the same age as some Freshman. The Hawks could use a center but Evans is the best value here and he's versatile enough to play in multiple lineups for the Hawks.
Eric Gordon
T-Wolves (from Thunder)
Trevon Duval PG HT: 6-2 - WT: 186 - WING: 6-9 - FROM: Duke
High level athlete who does a nice job of getting into the lane and has a lot of bounce to the rim. A talented play-maker who excels at finding his teammates but is inconsistent shooting the rock. The Wolves need youth and upside at the PG position.
Jay Williams
26 Blazers DeAndre Hunter SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 222 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: Virginia
A versatile defender and team-first player with upside. Can score from three levels and has an NBA frame. Fits a position of need for the Blazers.
27 Celtics Jalen Brunson PG HT: 6-2 - WT: 195 - WING: 6-3 - FROM: Villanova
Rock solid PG with great basketball instincts and high skill level. Has taken his game to a new level and is dominant in college. Would give the Celtics depth and a proven winner at the PG position.
Andre Miller

Nets (from Raptors)
Chandler Hutchison SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 195 - WING: 7-1 - FROM: Boise State
A long, athletic wing who has developed a nice three point shot and plays an efficient game. A defensive menace who can guard multiple positions.
Devean George
29 Warriors Anfernee Simons SG HT: 6-4 - WT: 177 - WING: 6-7 - FM: Altamonte Sp., FL
A lethal shooting combo guard who has improved athleticism and might be the best three point shooter in his class. Has good handles and is quick with the ball. The rich get richer, as the Warriors add another three point shooter to the roster.

Hawks (from Rockets)
Isaac Bonga SF HT: 6-9 - WT: 200 - WING: 6-11 - FROM: Germany
A 6-9 combo guard/wing who is has great physical tools but a long way to go to be NBA ready. One of the youngest players in the draft who could grow with the rebuilding Hawks.
taller John Salmons


76ers get Lakers pick via Suns (MCW trade)
Celtics get the Lakers pick via 76ers only if it's #s 2-5 (Fultz trade)
Cavs get Nets pick via Celtics, unprotected (Kyrie trade)
Clippers get Pistons pick, Blake Trade
Bulls get Pelicans pick (Mirotic trade)
Timberwolves get the Thunder's pick, via the Jazz (Rubio trade)
Suns get Heat pick (Dragic trade)
Nets get Raptors pick (Carroll trade)
Hawks get Timberwolves pick (Payne trade)
Hawks get Rockets pick