2019 NBA Dynasty Rookie Rankings

Tier (#) 2019 Dynasty Preview - 07/02/19
1 (1)
Zion Williamson, Pelicans - Career Projection: Superstar/Hall of Famer
Zion will fill up all corners of the stat sheet. He doesn't have a polished outside shot or great FT percentage but you just can't pass on Zion with this pick. You just can't.
1 (2) Ja Morant, Grizzlies - Career Projection: Superstar/Hall of Famer
This kid is big time. Ja is an electric athlete and one of the best passers to come along in years. His scoring, assists and steals will help win categories and don't sleep on his 3pt shot. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he ends up the best fantasy player in this class.
2 (3) Darius Garland, Cavs - Career Projection: Starter/Possible All-Star/Category Winner
Garland will have the ball in his hands a lot and should rack up the points and 3's. If he can keep his efficiency high he could be a fantasy stud.
2 (4) Coby White, Bulls - Career Projection: Starter/Possible All-Star/Category Winner
If things go right for Coby White he could blossom into an elite fantasy player. He's a scoring guard who gets shots up in volume. If the Bulls hand him the ball full time, this year or next he could put up big numbers.
2 (5) R.J. Barrett, Knicks - Career Projection: Star/All-Star/Potential Hall of Famer
R.J. is a great player in real life but for fantasy purposes his lack of efficiency (FT shooting and 3pt percentage) could hurt. He can also be turnover prone. But he still lands in the top 5 on the list and should be a dynamic rookie this year for the Knicks.
3 (6) Jarrett Culver, Timberwolves - Career Projection: Starter/Possible All-Star/Category Winner
Although Culver's shooting isn't great, he will fill up the stat sheet with great stocks, a ton of transition buckets, rebounds and eventually some 3's.
3 (7) DeAndre Hunter, Hawks - Career Projection: Starter/Possible All-Star/Stocks Winner
Stocks, 3's and good percentages. Yes please. Hunter should plug right in to the Hawks line up and give production from day one.
4 (8) Tyler Herro, Heat - Career Projection: Starter/Possible All-Star/3pt Sniper
Herro might be a bit one dimensional but he could be one of the elite 3pt shooters in the League and a fun player to own in fantasy.
4 (9) Sekou Doumbouya, Pistons - Career Projection: Starter/Sleeper-superstar/All Star
There's a ton of upside here. Sekou is the youngest player in the draft and has all the traits you look for in a young player. It might take a year or two but if you can afford to wait on him it'll be worth it.
4 (10) Jaxson Hayes, Pelicans - Career Projection: Starter/Possible All-Star/Sleeper-star
He might not produce a ton in year one but Hayes has all kinds of upside and could blossom in year 2-3 of his career.
4 (11) Cam Reddish, Hawks - Career Projection: Starter/Possible All-Star/Sleeper-star
There might not be a ton of playing time in year one but Cam's upside is still extremely high and worth a gamble. If everything starts to click he could be a top 8 fantasy player in this class.
4 (12) Goga Bitadze, Pacers - Career Projection: Starter/Possible All-Star/Sleeper-star
The Pacers might have gotten a huge steal in Bitadze. He's got a really nice shooting stroke, can hit the 3 and defends the rim. Teams will regret passing on him.
4 (13) Paul Washington Jr., Hornets - Career Projection: Starter/Possible All-Star/Solid
The Hornets will be a dumpster fire this year but that could spell big minutes for the artist formerly known as P.J.
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