2019 2nd Round

# Team Player Pos. Updated 11/15/18 Comp.
Jalen McDaniels SF HT: 6-10 - WT: 195 - WING: 7-0 1/2 - FROM: San Diego St.
A very long and intriguing forward who doesn't blow you away with one skill but just knows how to play, and has a lot of athletic upside as well. Plays a smooth and efficient game.
32 Hawks Ja Morant PG
HT: 6-3 - WT: 175 - WING: NA - FROM: Murray State
Poised for a breakout season at Murray State and has a chance to move up to first round territory.
33 Bulls P.J. Washington PF HT: 6-8 - WT: 235 -WING: 7-3 - FROM: Kentucky
Well built with a strong body and good length. Plays an all around game but lacks a true position, as he's a bit undersized for the 4 and lacks ideal SF skill set.
David West
Darius Bazley SF HT: 6-9 - WT: 200 - WING: 6-11 - FROM: USA
Bazley's story keeps getting stranger, as he's now decided to take the Mitchell Robinson route to the NBA and train for the draft outside of the spotlight. He's a versatile talent who can do a little bit of everything on the court and has nice length for position. The draft combine and workouts will determine his draft stock.
Robert Covington
35 Kings Kenny Wooten PF HT: 6-9 - WT: 210 - WING: 7-2 - FROM: Oregon
Athletic and bouncy power forward with great defensive instincts. A big time athlete, even by NBA standards. His skills are raw and his game is young but his upside is very intriguing.
Jordan Bell
Jarrey Foster SG HT: 6-6 - WT: 220 - WING: NA - FROM: SMU
A high level athlete and standout defender who will likely make the league thanks to his ability on that end of the floor.
Frank Howard PG HT: 6-5 - WT: 205 - WING: NA - FROM: Syracuse
A wiry athlete with nice size for the position and an emerging game. Unpolished but with upside.

Matur Maker PF HT: 6-10 - WT: 200 - WING: 7-3 - FROM: Australia
Younger brother of Thon, has good length and a nice skill level but is still growing into his frame. Has upside but could take some time to develop.

Caleb Martin SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 205 - WING: NA - FROM: Nevada
A scoring wing with a sweet three point shot. Has enough athleticism to get by and can score in a variety of ways.
Eric Paschall SF HT: 6-9 - WT: 255 - WING: NA - FROM: Villanova
Paschall has steadily improved each year and become a consistent all around player who brings great energy and does all the dirty work. He's shown the ability to hit the 3, a skill that will make or break his NBA career.
Kenny Thomas
41 Thunder HT: 6-4 - WT: 180 - WING: 6-5 - FROM: Texas
A lanky combo guard who has elite quickness and leaping ability and is beginning to put it all together on the court.
Toby Bailey, Archie Goodwin
HT: 6-5 - WT: 220 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: Belgium
A rock solid athlete who is a great defender and high IQ player. Isn't a run/jump athlete but he's a gamer who brings it every time out. Has been slowed by injuries.
Malcolm Brogdon
43 Jazz Admiral Schofield SF HT: 6-5 - WT: 238 - WING: NA - FROM: Tennessee
An NBA level athlete with an improved all around game and developing three point shot.
Aric Holman PF HT: 6-10 - WT: 225 - WING: NA - FROM: Miss. State
An intriguing prospect who hits a high percentage from the floor, blocks shots and has shown the ability to hit the 3 pointer.

Tyus Battle
HT: 6-6 3/4 - WT: 200 - WING: 6-9 - FROM: Syracuse
A natural scorer with a nice build for the SG position. A big time athlete who is still refining his skill set and figuring out how good he can be. A lethal one on one scorer and volume shooter.
Ky Bowman PG
HT: 6-1 - WT: 185 - WING: NA - FROM: Boston College
An aggressive leader who plays with attitude and a lot of effort. Can score, penetrate the lane and set the table for teammates.
Matisse Thybulle SF HT: 6-6 - WT: 195 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: Washington
An athlete who is just scratching the surface of his ability. Great defender and transition player.
48 Pelicans Jessie Govan C HT: 6-11 - WT: 260 - WING: 7-4 - FROM: Georgetown
Built like a rock and shows some flashes of upside.
Austin Wiley PF HT: 6-10 - WT: 250 - WING: 7-4 - FROM: Auburn
A long and powerful post player who is still growing into his body and getting into shape. Suspended for the season so we won't see if these improvements carry over to the floor.
Sharone Wright

Robert Franks PF
HT: 6-7 - WT: 240 - WING: NA - FROM: Washington St.
Massive A burly power forward who fits the mold of a small ball center at the next level. Can really stroke the ball from deep.
Fletcher Magee SG
HT: 6-4 - WT: 193 - WING: NA - FROM: Wofford
One of the best shooters in college basketball, Magee is lethal from thee point land and from the FT line. He's not a big time athlete but has enough size to get by and his shooting ability could get him drafted.
Jericho Sims PF
HT: 6-9 - WT: 240 - WING: NA - FROM: Texas
Rachaun Holmes
53 T-Wolves
Jarrett Culver
HT: 6-5 - WT: 195 - WING: NA - FROM: Texas Tech
A fluid and talented wing who excels in the transition game and at getting his own shot. Moves well without the ball and has a scorers mentality.

54 Nuggets Carsen Edwards PG HT: 6-0 - WT: 200 -WING: 6-6 1/4- FROM: Purdue
A scoring PG who is a gamer, plays with great energy and has a sweet shooting stroke. Plays bigger than his size.
Dewan Huell PF HT: 6-10 - WT: 220 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: Miami
A big, fluid athlete who is raw but shows flashes of upside.

56 Magic
Jalen Hudson
HT: 6-6 - WT: 195 - WING: NA - FROM: Florida

57 Warriors Udoka Azubuike C HT: 6-11 - WT: 275 - WING: 7-7 - FROM: Kansas
Bruising center with NBA strength who is very young with a lot of raw talent. If this was 1992 he'd be a first round pick but his game doesn't fit well in today's NBA.
Eddie Curry
HT: 6-11 - WT: 250 - WING: 7-5 - FROM: Duke
Massive but not very talented. Has a huge wingspan and a lot of defensive potential.
David Harrison
59 Bucks
Xavier Sneed
HT: 6-5 - WT: 212 - WING: NA - FROM: Kansas State
An aggressive guard who plays with strength and tenacity. Can get to the rim and score in bunches but needs to refine his outside shot.

William McDowell-White PG HT: 6-5 - WT: 182 - WING: 6-5 - FROM: Australia
Doesn't blow you away with athleticism but is very productive and really knows how to play the game. Has good size for the PG position and a frame that should fill out well, but lacks ideal length.

- On the Bubble
Killian Tillie SF HT: 6-10 - WT: 230 -WING: NA - FROM: Gonzaga
A versatile forward who can stretch the floor and has good mobility for his size.
Donta Hall PF HT: 6-9 - WT: 230 - WING: NA - FROM: Alabama

Paschal Chukwu C HT: 7-2 - WT: 228 - WING: NA - FROM: Syracuse
A towering giant of a man who needs to add strength and develop his coordination but can really defend the rim. A developmental prospect.
Luke Maye PF HT: 6-8 - WT: 240 - WING: NA - FROM: UNC
An outstanding 3 point shooter with a good feel for the game but limited upside. A surprisingly poor free throw shooter.
Jordan Murphy SF HT: 6-6 - WT: 240 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: Minnesota
A plus athlete who is a great rebounder for a 6-6 player. Plays with heart and hustle. Impacts both ends of the floor and is lethal in transition and on the offensive glass.

Borisa Simanic PF HT: 6-10 - WT: 220 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: Serbia
A promising athlete who can really play above the rim. Raw but has upside.

Nick Ward PF HT: 6-8 - WT: 240 - WING: 7-2 - FROM: Michigan State
A bruiser who knows how to play with position and use his frame.
- Mike Watkins PF HT: 6-9 - WT: 254 - WING: NA - FROM: Penn State
A burly shot blocker with an NBA body and an improving all around game. Could make the League thanks to his defense and rebounding ability.
Theo Ratliff

- John Petty SG HT: 6-6 - WT: 190 - WING: 6-8 - FROM: Alabama
A complete player. Has good size on the perimeter and a lot of shot-making ability. Could develop into a role player at the next level.
Tony Snell
- Christ Koumadje C HT: 7-4 - WT: 233 - WING: NA - FROM: Florida State
A massive 7-4 center prospect/project who could develop into a NBA level player.

- Nick Weatherspoon PG HT: 6-2 - WT: 195 -WING: NA - FROM: Mississippi St.
A compact and explosive athlete who can fly above the rim. Born to score.

- Jamuni McNeace PF HT: 6-10 - WT: 215 - WING: NA - FROM: Oklahoma
McNeace is an athletic player who plays with a lot of hustle. Doesn't have much offensive skill but earns his living playing D and rebounding the ball.

- Nick Richards C HT: 6-11 - WT: 239 - WING: 7-3 - FROM: Kentucky
Richards has all the tools and is just scratching the surface of his potential but is very raw and hasn't progressed as we expected. Has upside but could take a long time to develop.
JaVale McGee
- Ethan Happ PF HT: 6-10 - WT: 235 - WING: NA - FROM: Wisconsin
Skilled and versatile on the offensive end but isn't an NBA level athlete. Lacks length and isn't explosive around the rim.

- Filipe dos Anjos C HT: 7-2 - WT: 252 - WING: 7-4 - FROM: Brazil
An intriguing prospect due to his great size, length and low post scoring ability. A throwback center who could find a role in the League.
Todd MacCulloch
Vasilis Charalam-popoulos
HT: 6-9 - WT: 225 - WING: NA - FROM: Greece
A skilled and heady player who has a great feel for the game, good shooting touch but lacks top end athleticism.

Charles Matthews
HT: 6-6 - WT: 200 - WING: 6-8 - FROM: Michigan
Has ideal size but struggles to shoot the ball. A below average 3 point shooter and a very poor free throw shooter. But has some upside as an athlete with a chance to develop his outside shot.

- Ebuka Izundu PF HT: 6-10 - WT: 231 - WING: NA - FROM: Miami
A sleeper who is just starting to put it all together and make his big presence felt on the court. A unique athlete with strength and a lot of bounce.

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