2021 NBA Mock Draft

# Player Pos. Player Report Comp.
1 Jalen Green SG HT: 6-6 - WT: 175 - WING: 6-7 1/2 - FROM: Fresno, CA
Jalen Green might be the best prospect in high school basketball, regardless of class. He's a sensational athlete with truly elite leaping ability and a scorers mentality. He heads an insanely strong class, which projects as the best draft class in many years. Article
2 Evan Mobley PF HT: 7-0 - WT: 192 - WING: 7-4 - FROM: Temecula, CA
A tall, long and bouncy big man who is making moves up boards and shows flashes of big time ability. Needs to get stronger and fill out his frame but has all the makings of a potential top 5 pick.
Myles Turner
3 R.J. Hampton PG HT: 6-4 - WT: 170 - WING: 6-7 - FROM: Little Elm, TX
Hampton is a dynamic PG who has great size for the position, an elite first step and a polished all around game. He can shoot from deep, get to the rim and he has the type of athletic ability and elite skill level only found in top 5 picks. 1on1 interview
John Wall with a jumper
4 Isaiah Todd PF HT: 6-10 - WT: 200 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: Richmond, VA
Todd is a silky smooth and ultra talented power forward who plays a finesse game. He can shoot it with range, take his man off the bounce and use his awesome mobility and coordination to blow by defenders.
Chris Bosh
5 Jalen Johnson SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 200 - WING: 6-10 1/2 - FROM: Sun Prairie, WI
Jalen is a long and talented wing with great court awareness and legit point forward skills. He's a plus athlete who can really get off the floor and is lethal in transition.
Paul Pierce
6 Scottie Barnes SF HT: 6-8 - WT: 210 - WING: 7-2 - FROM: W. Palm Beach, FL
Barnes is a sensational all around talent who shows point guard skills in a big, solid 6-8 frame. He gets after it on defense, hits the boards hard, can push the ball in transition and is a talented scorer. The sky is the limit.
Tobias Harris
7 Greg Brown PF HT: 6-9 - WT: 190 - WING: 6-10 - FROM: Austin, TX
A super bouncy player with a lightening quick first step and great above the rim ability. Can face up or play with his back to the basket. 1on1 interview
a heady Marquise Chriss
8 Kyree Walker SG HT: 6-4 - WT: 210 - WING: 6-6 - FROM: Phoenix, AZ
A man-child of a shooting guard who can overpower most defenders and is a wrecking ball of an athlete. Highly skilled, with handles, 3-level scoring ability and a lot of bounce.
Stanley Johnson +
9 N'Faly Dante C HT: 6-11 - WT: 242 - WING: 7-5 - FROM: Wichita, KS (Mali)
Dante projects as the top true center in this class. He's got elite length, great mobility and surprising quickness. He has a chance to be a special defender who also has upside on the offensive end.
poor man's Joel Embiid
10 Moses Moody SG HT: 6-6 - WT: 185 - WING: NA - FROM: Little Rock, AR
One of the best shooters in high school ball, regardless of class. Moody is absolutely lethal from three point range.
Allan Houston
11 Julian Strawther SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 190 - WING: NA - FROM: Las Vegas, NV
Strawther is a supremely talented scorer with a picture perfect jumper, who already has NBA size and might still be growing. A big wing who can get buckets.
Jason Tatum
12 B.J. Boston SG HT: 6-6 - WT: 175 - WING: 6-10 - FROM: Atlanta, GA
An athletic and talented 2-guard who excels at taking the ball to the hoop and using his impressive athleticism and size to score in the lane.
Jeremy Lamb
13 Josh Christopher SG HT: 6-5 - WT: 200 - WING: 6-7 1/2 - FROM: Lakewood, CA
A big guard who can score from three levels and loves to get his own shot.
Swaggy P.
14 Jalen Suggs SG HT: 6-5 - WT: NA - WING: NA - FROM: Minneapolis, WI
A powerful combo guard who can get to the rack and overpower opponents in the lane. Has some lead guard skills.
George Hill
15 Johnny Juzang SG HT: 6-7 - WT: 200 - WING: NA - FROM: North Hollywood, CA
A lethal shooter who can light it up from downtown and score in the mid range. Has great size on the wing and an advanced feel for the game.
Dillon Brooks
16 Addison Patterson SF HT: 6-7 - WT: NA - WING: NA - FROM: Milton, Canada
A big guard/wing who is creative with the ball and score from inside or from deep. Plays with an edge.
A SF version of Lonzo
17 Keion Brooks SF HT: 6-9 - WT: 190 - WING: NA - FROM: Fort Wayne, IN
A versatile combo forward with a rapidly improving game. Can face up and put the ball on the deck and has the size to make plays in the lane.
18 Jeremy Roach PG HT: 6-2 - WT: 180 - WING: 6-3 - FROM: Fairfax, VA
A true lead guard with great handles who penetrates the lane well. Has good size/strength and a quick first step.
Kyle Lowry
19 Oscar Tshiebwe C HT: 6-9 - WT: 230 - WING: 7-5 - FROM: West Virginia
A physical specimen with an NBA frame and an emerging game. Has a plus 8 wingspan and can be a force on the defensive end.
20 Paul Eboua PF HT: 6-8 - WT: 210 - WING: 7-1 1/2 - FROM: Cameroon
A raw athlete who is just starting to emerge and put it all together on the court. Has big athletic upside.
21 Alex Antetokounmpo SF HT: 6-6 - WT: 214 - WING: 7-2 - FROM: Milwaukee, WI
Alex is destined for the NBA and is the best prospect out of Giannis' brothers. Has incredible length, good defensive instincts and a ton of upside.
22 Nico Mannion PG HT: 6-3 - WT: 180 - WING: NA - FROM: Arizona
Nico is a well-rounded PG who can do a little bit of everything. He's a leader on the court who gets teammates involved and can also score the rock.
23 Adam Miller PG HT: 6-4 - WT: 175 - WING: NA - FROM: Chicago, IL
A big, talented lead guard who can really get into the paint and make plays off the dribble.
24 Matthew Hurt PF HT: 6-9 - WT: 205 - WING: NA - FROM: Rochester, MN
A solid all around player with an excellent shooting stroke and an efficient offensive game. Born to score the rock.
Kyle Wiltjer, TJ Leaf

25 Wendall Moore Jr. SF HT: 6-6 - WT: 205 - WING: 6-10 1/2 - FROM: Duke
A versatile wing who plays both ends of the floor. Does everything well and plays a team game.
26 Cade Cunningham SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 213 - WING: 6-11 1/2- FROM: Arlington, TX
A skilled forward who can really pass the ball and plays with great instincts and feel for the game.
27 Jaemyn Brakefield PF HT: 6-8 - WT: 210 - WING: NA - FROM: Huntington, WV
28 Jeremiah Robinson-Earl PF HT: 6-9 - WT: 235 - WING: NA - FROM: Villanova
A smooth and talented power forward with good ball skills, handles and a soft touch around the basket.
29 Marcus Bagley SF HT: 6-6 - WT: NA - WING: NA - FROM: Chatsworth, CA
Brother of Marvin, Marcus is a supremely athletic forward who is just scratching the surface of his potential. Can play above the rim and is showing an expanded offensive game.
30 Armando Bacot C HT: 6-10 - WT: 244 - WING: 7-1 - FROM: North Carolina
A bruising center who has excellent length and a developing offensive game. A solid rebounder and rim protector.
31 Trayce Jackson-Davis PF HT: 6-9 - WT: 235 - WING: NA - FROM: North Carolina
A burly PF/C with a ton of game. TJD is highly skilled, has good length and can play the small-ball 5.
32 D.J. Jefferies SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 190 - WING: 6-9 - FROM: Memphis
A bouncy wing with length. Raw but with an NBA frame and intriguing upside. More
Luol Deng

33 Jaden Springer SG HT: 6-4 - WT: 185 - WING: NA - FROM: Charlotte, NC
34 Emmitt Williams PF HT: 6-8 - WT: 210 -WING: 6-11 - FROM: LSU
A heart and hustle player who is aggressive on the court, has good hands and a developing skill set. A powerful dunker and a force in the paint who out-works everyone else on the court.
Jerami Grant
35 Shareef O'Neal PF HT: 6-9 - WT: 215 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: UCLA
An athletic PF who plays above the rim and who is expanding his game, showing a nice array of perimeter skills. Recovering from a heart condition.
Ed O'Bannon

36 Noah Farrakhan PG HT: 6-2 - WT: 160 - WING: NA - FROM: Newark, NJ
A big time athlete with high level quickness and a lot of bounce. Is far from a finished product but has very intriguing upside.
Darren Collison
37 CJ Walker SF HT: 6-8 - WT: 190 - WING: NA - FROM: Oregon
Walker is making moves up the rankings. A bouncy athlete with an advanced skill set, who has plenty of upside to grow into.
38 Will Baker C HT: 6-10 - WT: 225 - WING: NA - FROM: Austin, TX
39 Hunter Dickinson C HT: 6-11 - WT: 220 - WING: NA - FROM: Hyattsville, MD
40 Josiah James PG HT: 6-6 - WT: 195 - WING: NA - FROM: Tennessee
41 Kai Sotto C HT: 7-1 - WT: NA - WING: NA - FROM: Philippines
42 Alonzo Gaffney PF HT: 6-9 - WT: 190 - WING: NA - FROM: Ohio State
A bouncy PF with good upside but will have to add a lot of strength and could take a few years in school to fill out his frame and improve his game.

43 Kira Lewis Jr. PG HT: 6-3 - WT: 160 - WING: 6-3 1/2 - FROM: Alabama
44 Isaiah Jackson PF HT: 6-9 - WT: 195 - WING: 7-0 - FROM: Detroit, MI
A big time athlete with length and potential. Still learning to put it all together but has a lot of upside, especially on the defensive end.
45 Silvio De Sousa PF HT: 6-9 - WT: 240 - WING: NA - FROM: Kansas (Angola)
Well built and powerful player who can really rock the rim. Plays an aggressive style and really impacts the game on both ends.
Faried, Udonis Haslem
46 Terrence Williams PF HT: 6-6 - WT: 195 - WING: NA - FROM: Washington, DC
47 Terrance Shannon Jr. SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 185 - WING: NA - FROM: DePaul
48 Joey Baker PF HT: 6-7 - WT: 195 - WING: NA - FROM: Duke
49 Jason Harris PF HT: 6-8 - WT: 200 - WING: NA - FROM: Mesa, AZ
50 Jalen Carey SG HT: 6-3 - WT: NA - WING: NA - FROM: Syracuse
51 Will Richardson PG HT: 6-4 - WT: 175 - WING: NA - FROM: Oregon
A great decision maker and steady leader with NBA PG size. Can really shoot the ball.
Chris Duhon
52 Ty-Shon Alexander PG HT: 6-4 - WT: 195 - WING: NA - FROM: Creighton
53 Jabri Abdur-Rahim SF HT: 6-5 - WT: 185 - WING: NA - FROM: Short Hills, NJ
54 Tramon Mark PG HT: 6-4 - WT: 180 - WING: NA - FROM: Dickinson, TX
55 C HT: 7-1 - WT: 250 - WING: 7-3 - FROM: Florida State (Serbia)
A powerful force on the low block who is raw but has intriguing size/potential. It'll be interesting to see how he develops. More
Enes Kanter
56 Emmanuel Akot SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 200 -WING: 6-8 - FROM: Arizona
A big time athlete with great strength and a smooth game. Could develop into an elite two-way prospect. More

57 Jericho Sims PF
HT: 6-9 - WT: 240 - WING: NA - FROM: Texas
Rachaun Holmes
58 Bryan Penn-Johnson C HT: 6-10 - WT: 210 - WING: 7-6 - FROM: - Las Vegas, NV
A late bloomer who has elite length and is just starting to figure out how good he can be. More

59 Gerald Liddell SF HT: 6-7 - WT: 175 - WING: NA - FROM: - Texas

60 Charles O'Bannon Jr. SF HT: 6-5 - WT: 196 -WING: 6-11 - FROM: USC
A classic wing with a nice feel for the game. From good bloodlines.


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