Chet Holmgren NBA Draft Scouting Report





PF C  6-11 1/2  185  Minneapolis, MN



  Standing Reach


 NA 7-3 1/2 NA  NA

Chet is a very unique prospect. At nearly 7 feet tall with exceptional length he's an agile, skinny and lanky center who dominates lower levels of play but has some question marks when it comes to his NBA future. On the plus side, his quickness and agility are outstanding and he's got great anticipation and reaction as a shot-blocker. But he's painfully skinny and doesn't have a frame that'll add weight easily. Despite his lack of strength/weight he controls the paint on the defense end and is a legit rim protector.

On the offensive side Chet shows stretch ability and a lot of talent as a face-up scorer. He can shoot the ball from deep and has good handles and nimble feet, allowing him to get to the basket. He attacks the offensive glass and dunks the ball with ease.

His 3pt shooting ability is a natural fit for today's NBA and could be one of his primary ways of scoring at the next level.

  • Bargnani on offense
  • Marcus Camby on defense
  • taller Jared Jeffries
Projection: first round pick in the 2022 NBA Draft