LeBron James Jr. NBA Draft Scouting Report





PG SG SF  6-2  NA  Sierra Canyon, CA



  Standing Reach


 10/6/04 NA NA  NA

"Bronny" is the oldest son of LeBron James and, although he's a few years away from college, let alone the NBA, it's clear that he's a gifted basketball talent who should follow his father's footsteps to the NBA. He's already got an above-the-rim game as a Freshman in high school and has the makings of an elite physical profile plus tremendous skill level.

  • Court vision, feel for the game and elite level understanding/BBIQ
  • Strong build with good quickness and excellent leaping ability
  • Great bloodlines - and will have every opportunity in the world to make it
  • Can shoot the three and make plays off the bounce - projects as a better shooter than his old man.
  • Can already play above the rim and is almost certainly still growing and improving his athleticism. It's scary to think how good he can become over the next decade plus.
  • Has broad shoulders and a lot of strength. Has a guards game and skill level but can take a lot of contact and hold his own against taller players. 
  • Brings a ton of excitement to the arena and is a fan's (and a marketers) dream.
  • Has to work on all area of his game, just as all young players do.
  • Will he develop the elite frame that helps make LeBron LeBron?
  • It's too early to do an accurate comparison. We'll have to see how tall he gets and how his game develops. But we have every reason to assume he'll develop into a star NBA player.
Projection: First round pick in the 2024 NBA Draft