Sagaba Konate NBA Draft Scouting Report





PF C  6-8  260  West Virginia (Mali)



  Standing Reach


 3/19/97 NA NA  NA

Konate, a Mali native who has been in the U.S. since 2014, is a burly PF/C who is undersized at 6-8 but has tremendous strength and impressive leaping ability. He's a quick leaper who shows great timing as a shot blocker and can really defend the rim. Even if his offensive game doesn't develop he is still likely to have a long NBA career based on his defense alone.

  • Shot blocking - one of the best in college basketball
  • Always blocks with the correct hand and does a job of not fouling
  • Has great leaping ability and gets off the floor in a hurry - can put his head near the rim
  • Times his jump well and meets the opponent at the highest point
  • Appears to have great length/wingspan, although we don't have an official measurement
  • Plays with fire and intensity - A real leader, especially on the defensive end
  • Rebounds well on both ends of the floor and is very dangerous on the offensive glass
  • Has shown steady improvement in his offensive game
  • Has made huge improvements as a free throw shooter, getting up to 79% as a Sophomore
  • Is a limited offensive player who doesn't shoot the ball with range and does most of his scoring in the lane
  • Isn't a great pick and roll player and isn't a pick and pop threat
  • Doesn't handle the ball particularly well - mostly a one dribble player and doesn't have much of a face-up game
  • Is undersized for the NBA game, which might limit his upside
  • Can he hold his own against NBA size? Can he guard outside the lane?
  • Plays defense like Ben Wallace
  • Built like DeJuan Blair but is much more explosive
Projection: late first to mid second round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft