Zion Harmon NBA Draft Scouting Report





PG  5-11  170  Bowling Green, KY



  Standing Reach


 3/12/02 NA NA  NA

Harmon is a hoops phenom who has been known as a big time prospect since his 7th grade year. In his Freshman year of high school he averaged a mind boggling 33 points per game and nearly 8 assists per game.

  • An exceptionally quick and athletic player who has blow-by speed
  • Can get into the lane at will and is a creative finisher
  • Has great court vision and is a natural point guard with good ball handling skills
  • An elite scorer who is in constant attack mode
  • Has a strong frame and can hold is own against bigger/older players
  • Really knows the game and has a great feel and high BBIQ
  • A hard worker who has a drive to be great
  • An exceptional free throw shooter at over 90%
  • Isn't a great 3 point shooter
  • Doesn't have ideal height or length (although he could grow a few more inches)
  • Chris Paul
  • Eric Bledsoe mixed with AI
Projection: first round pick in the 2022 NBA Draft